Friday, June 18, 2010

Emerging tech dos

I have chosen to make a book of my sons friends and family. I guess you call it digital scrapbooking, you might call it story telling. My son really likes to read stories with us, and I want him to know the faces of the friends and family he does not see all the time.

Through this site you can upload, share, store, print, and make many items related to photography. From t-shirts to tea-cups.
From simple cheap prints in any dimensions to elaborate collaborations.

This is as easy as clicking which photos you want to add and clicking upload. It can be as easy as clicking autofill in which the program will throw images all over the place.

Great when you have 20 or so baby pictures and you want to keep them together but do not care about order, layout etc. Or great for a starting place.

It can also take hours with thousands of possibilities and endless opportunities. Why not make your own coffee table book?

I enjoyed this and I think you will too.

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