Friday, May 21, 2010

It was easier than I thought

The thought of me, Josh Yoder, having to create a blog was a bit mortifying. On one hand, for someone with so many opinions, this should be easy and a good outlet. On the other hand, what if someone actually reads it?
So that was it, really? Creating this blog, is sort of like facebook. Uploading a picture, type in the spaces to type, search for friends...all very similar. Of course the difference is there are more than one templates here.
I have chosen Blue to be my main color, it is my favorite for a host of reasons. For now we will leave it at that, Blue is my favorite color. The picture will have to come soon, though I do not have a recent one around.
To introduce myself I would say that I am a man of way too many hobbies. Often competing for time with work, my hobbies include cooking, gardening, woodworking, camping, hiking, and landscaping. I would also add that my biology background leads me to have at least one aquarium and/or pond as a pet project at all times. Currently I am working on a water feature for my mother. It used to be the skeleton of a freezer, dishwasher, etc. It now flows with water, and is beginning to support life, yet not ready for fish. I will be at her lake house next weekend and supply pictures then.
I work at night, loading two aircraft bound for the DFW airport. That is to say that I supervise as much as possible 40 people who load packages for FedEx into containers and then onto two aircraft... you get the idea. I am finishing my biology degree with a countdown constantly running on my Facebook page.
I have a two year old son, who's birthday party is tomorrow. (Which is why this is posting so late) I also have a lovely wife of 6.5 years of marriage; although we met in High School dating since early September (we still argue about the exact date 6th or 9th) 1998. We were accused then of each stealing the other from our respective friends, and 12+ years later still are each other's best friend.
Over this weekend I will post pictures of my family as they will all be here for said birthday party, so please hang on for that. It is a Toy Story theme cake and decorations and I hope to record my son Aidan say Buzz Lightyear, it is truly cute.
That will have to be all for now, more to come. Cleaning and cooking to be done before the guest arrive.


  1. Thanks Josh! Happy birthday to your son. My kids are getting older: 13, 10 and 7! They grow up fast. Good luck juggling all your projects, work and family.

  2. Great pictures of your family it makes your blog very personal