Monday, May 24, 2010

The party

A general success, that is how I would say the party went. Aidan(2yrs old) made out like a bandit. He was well behaved, letting lots of other kids play with his new toys and he taught his 5 year old cousin that eating broccoli and lettuce was cool. We got many compliments. I did finally finish the swing set, 3.5 hours later, and it held up though the rough play of an 8, 5, and 3-2 year olds.

The weather was hot, sunny, and a cool breeze blew through the house. It was a great day of family and friends and went late into the night with Rock Band following the party. My wife made the cake, and though she would say it was not her best I really like the idea. That is probably because I thought of it. If you have seen Pixar's Toy Story the spaceship base cake is filled with green alien cupcakes and you are the claw pulling out the chosen cream-filled cupcake. My wife a former grand champion cake decorator was disappointed, but the kids went nuts over their own cupcake in addition to the more traditional cake pieces.

Well, that is the big todo for today, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Awesome. That is great that he was so willing to share his toys! That is a big one at that age. Glad that it was a success and thanks for sharing.